Sunday, May 3, 2009


First time ever sitting in a private plane co-piloting across wisconsin. 
First time ever making a major kick-ass decisions without even telling my mum.
First time feeling so responsible in handling my own life.
Time to go all in. 
Come, what may,
I will thrust u with my longest part of my body.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Some god damn lessons learnt today.
Never order breakfast at 11am.
Never go out without bringing my bluegold card.
Never step out my room without checking my mailbox.
I wonder y thesedays so many ppl fall sick. 
Two of my lecturers fall sick.
One cancelled the class.
The other one, found a substitute which plays utube video about dalai Llama giving a speech in university of wisconsin madison for one n half hour in class.
Wind. How i used to adore u and hated u since the minute i got here. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The historic day for Obama and me

2day is the new beginning of the new president of ameLica Barrack Obama and Me. Sounds awesome huh. Its his inauguration day and my orientation day. Now i have this one thing in common with the president. HOlA!! 

went to jade garden tonight for dinner with my host family. The one in Madison is bigger and has more varieties of foods.
2 chinese buffet in a week!! what more shall i ask for??
Its all about eat eat eat and eat the moment i get here. I'm getting fat. But i'l work out. I Shall NOT have nutty ginger sit on me!! The americans are blessed to eat all they want that they'r top of the world for their number of obese ppl. They EVEn have an eating disease specially for them only. lactose intolerant. ever heard that? well its pretty common here.

Just had my orientation 2day. It was like approx 20 int students? i think. And there were only three males. its all full of feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemale's pheromones. lolz. Anyway i'v got to know a korean girl. First time in my life i've been told i look like a korean. Is that a nice thing?? And i still rmb couple of days ago an american dude asking me am i born in the states??(due to my accent)And shortly after that incident a china guy believes that i came from china!! What's next?!! An african american asking me: yo, since when u've become the next michael jackson?!